Q: Who are Igloosoft?

A: Igloosoft is an up and coming Indie Game Studio founded by Rhopunzel, who previously worked on successful titles such as Starbound, RimWorld and Gnomoria.

Q: What is the game in the screenshots posted?

A: Our as of yet unannounced maiden title. It will be a sandbox platformer set in space, but with a much heavier focus on exploration and building communities.

Q: Is your game a sequel or related to [insert popular title here]

A: No.

Q: When will any official announcement be made?

A: Before the end of the year, along with releasing the first phase of the game.

Q: Release date?

A: We are taking a modular approach to development so we can maintain transparency and efficiency. The first module (Creative Multiplayer) is on schedule to be released before the end of 2019.

Q: Where can I keep up to date on more info regarding the game?

A: Currently Rhopunzel’s Twitter is the best place for informal progress shots and up to date info on development. There’s also our Facebook page and the Igloosoft Twitter

Q: Is Igloosoft hiring?

A: We’re always interested in applicants! Apply via our Jobs page. Currently we are actively looking for a Sound Designer and Assistant Coder.

Q: Is the game multiplayer?

A: Yes, but we’re designing it to be fun in single player first.