Meet Igloosoft


Rho Watson – ​Rhopunzel

Founder, Game Director

Rho Watson is a game designer and pixel artist with over 10 years of experience in the "indie" side of the game industry. In 2019, Rho founded Igloosoft Games LLC to lead the development of a new sci-fi exploration game. Past work includes iconic 2D indie games such as Starbound, Gnomoria and RimWorld.


Tracy Owens - ​Ferreusveritas

Lead Programmer

Tracy possesses a wide berth of programming experience, coming from the web development world as well as the Minecraft modding scene. Being the creator of the Dynamic Trees Minecraft mod and having programmed The 2101 Game mobile game, Tracy's technical skills speak for themselves and also includes 3D modeling, digital artistry and system architecture.

Casey Price - ​Cprice


Casey is a software developer with a masters in Machine Learning from Ga Tech. His background is in full-stack web development and he's worked on mods such as the MGE mod from TF2.

Justin Miller

Assistant Programmer

Justin brings on a notable amount of programming experience, most recently in the development of Engineer Arena. In addition, he has years of beta testing, community involvement, and forward aerial usage in Rivals of Aether.


Jeff - ​Cicadas!

Pixel Artist

Before joining Igloosoft, Jeff has been a longtime hobbyist pixel artist. Diligent in his work, he helps to develop a coherent pixel art style that aligns with the game’s vision.

Kevin - ​CptCapybara

Pixel Artist

Kevin comes from background in concept & pixel art, whose fast sketches and code dabbling has led him to contribute to multiple small game projects. Some of his sprite work has made it in published games.

Antonio Craig - ​UnsubRedun

Pixel Artist

Antonio skills span both pixel art and 3DCG, with a keen eye on creating detailed environment assets to bring the game world to life.

Peter - ​Shoehead

Pixel Artist

Peter discovered pixel art by swapping heads in graphics gale for RPGMaker sprites, and rediscovered it sometime after studying animation in College. He started coding mainly because he ran out of people to make art for. Now he's kinda ok at both.

Christian - ​Crystan

Sound Designer

Being active on and off in the game modding scene for almost two decades, Crystan worked on several modding and game projects as a sound designer.


Joe Brennan - ​Hooligan

Web Developer

Joe has worked with Rho on a couple of Global Game Jams and has always maintained an interest in game development. Credits his interest in web development to Sensor.


Web Developer, Web Designer

Sensor has worked in web development for several years, developing new websites and maintaining existing ones.


Matthew Milles

Business Manager

With half a decade of professional and personal experience in telecoms, finance, sales, marketing, administration and several years of team management: Matthew is the self-deprecating suit of Igloosoft. All suggestions and complaints should be directed to him: [email protected]

Alannah Gallagher


Alannah is a creative marketing professional with more than 10 years experience in all aspects of marketing, branding, advertising, and graphic design. Her ability to quickly adapt has lead her to work globally in many industries including automotive, fashion and tech.